Tarumanagara University is one of the top universities in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name is derived from the Tarumanagara Kingdom. The university was established on October 1, 1959, with the origination of the Tarumanagara College of Economics under the guidance of the Tarumanagara Foundation established on June 18, 1959.

To assess the quality of higher education, the government has established a National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. The board is designed to accredit study programs in state and private universities. This accreditation recognizes qualitative rankings listed from A-D. There are a number of conditions assessed before an accreditation rank can be assigned. The fulfillment of these requirements needs to be earned through the evaluation of existing study programs.

Within the framework of this evaluation, Tarumanagara University seeks to increase the number of academic lecturers. Thus, improving learning opportunities for its students. In addition, Tarumanagara University strives to improve staff quality. The university aims to elevate the status of all lecturers to the Ph.D. level and to increase the publication of scientific research.

The quality of higher education is reflected in the university’s results which are currently directed at the scientific research and professional entrepreneurs. Scientists and professionals are produced by learning within study programs. Knowledge is produced in research institutions, community service and scientific journals. Tarumanagara University espouses an atmosphere designed to promote both.

UNTAR Campus Building I

Building Dr.H.R.Suwondo / Building J, 5 floors 8.581 m² PK Ojong Building / Building L, 8 floors 17.195 m² Khoe Woen Sioe Building / M Building, 8 floors 14.888 m² Building K, 8 floors 9.700 m² Building Drs. Tato Syanto/ Building R, 12 floors 15.141 m² Building 1 Untar Main Building 21 floors + Basement 31.632 m² Building P/ Parking Building 8 floors + Basement 18.550 m² Total 115.487 m²

UNTAR Campus Building II

Building A 17 floors 18.563 m² 2 Basement Floors 5.120 m² Total   23.683 m²

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