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Xinya College is a Chinese Academy founded in 2005.  The college was co-founded by like-minded individuals lead by Indonesian-Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Zheng Nianjin.  These individuals had a desire to promote Chinese education in Jakarta.  Xinya College is a primary resource for both Chinese teachers and business talent in the Jakarta area.  Over the past ten years, Xinya College graduated nearly 700 students with further placement in many schools and multi-national corporations throughout Indonesia.

Xinya College is the predecessor of Tarumanagara Xinya College.  The original stakeholders were the Sinar Surya Persada Foundation from Jakarta.  Tarumanagara Foundation is now the primary stakeholder of the college.  Ownership of the college was officially transferred in March of 2017. 

Tarumanagara Xinya College is located within the second campus of Tanjung Duren Tarumanagara University in West Jakarta, Indonesia.  The campus is surrounded by several famous universities and possesses a strong academic atmosphere, convenient transportation choices and a robust opportunity of lifestyle.

Tarumanagara Xinya College has adopted the creed of facing all Indonesia and facing the common people’s children. The college has adopted the principle of serving Indonesian Chinese Education and lives by the theme student orientated, quality-first, standardized management and quality-winning.

Tarumanagara Xinya College has two majors:  Chinese education and business Chinese.  These courses cover basic aspects of the Chinese language, speaking skills, professional skills and cultural knowledge as it applies to the field of education and business.  As the demands for Chinese education grow, so do the diversity of needs.  In response to these demands, Xinya College has added preparatory courses and advanced courses to vary its training objectives.

The aim of Tarumanagara Xinya College is to apply importance to the education of Chinese Knowledge, develop the student’s Chinese communication skills and cultivate high-quality Chinese talent.  The college believes efforts should be made to cultivate multi-lingual talents along with practical ability to assist with globalization.  The college staffs young energetic teachers with rich experiences.  It actively engages in foreign cooperation, exchanges and cooperation with the College of Chinese Literature of Hua Qiao University, the College of Overseas Education of Fujian Normal University, Shenyang Normal University and others.

Our standard of Chinese Education and Business Chinese is currently at the forefront of Chinese academics in Jakarta.  The Chinese Language Education major adopts the 3+1 model and carries on joint training with several universities in China.  The Business Chinese program cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Hua Qiao University with a 2+2 model to train excellent business talent fluent in Chinese.  Tarumanagara Xinya College also employs a distance education program taught by the in-house talent of Renmin University of China.  With the college being open to the outside world, it has become one of the test points for HSK and HSKK.

Tarumanagara Xinya College has a solid teaching infrastructure and advanced teaching equipment.  The college is equipped with multimedia classrooms, voice rooms, libraries and multi-function halls.  The library possesses thousands of Chinese books available for loan to both teachers and students.  The restaurant is of modern design which provides a comfortable and beautiful dining environment.  The college also has several sports venues and is a warm and inviting place for students to study.