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Vision & Mission

Travel Towards Vision 2025
“Pride in Excellence: Creating Professional and Entrepreneurial Leaders


Become a healthy foundation in the role and to educate and prosper the nation based on nobility, independent science, expertise and professional ethics.


  • Facilitating the aspirations of the community from the beginning of layer in the field of quality education, health, affordability and innovation.
  • Build “pride in excellence with synergistic stakeholders sharing integrating values of professionalism and entrepreneurship.
  • Empowering international and external resources on an ongoing basis to educate and prosper the nation.


  • Values and Ethics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Human Resources
  • Good Governance
  • Financial Capability
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Marketing and Branding
  • System and Technology
  • Positive Environment

Work Foundation

  • Mutual Respect and Mutual Success
  • Care for Our Stakeholders and Our Nation
  • Instigate Our Values and Work with Manners
  • Become an Agent of Development and Change
  • Loyal, Committed and Proud of the Organization


Integrity, Professionalism and Entrepreneurship