The Passing of Prof. Dr. Singgih Dirga Gunarsa

The Passing of Prof.  Dr. Singgih Dirga Gunarsa

Indonesia lost its best son with the passing of Prof. Dr.Singgih Dirga Gunarsa on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. He was a lecturer of the highest regard for both Tarumanagara University and the University of Indonesia. His body was laid to rest at the Husada Hospital Funeral Home Jl. Mangga Besar Raya, Jakarta. A long line of family, relatives, colleagues, lecturers, professors, students, badminton players and the general public who knew him offered their final respects. A flower garden worth of bouquets lined the walls and halls of the Husada hospital home. The big family of the Tarumanagara Foundation and Tarumanagara University hang their heads heavily with the loss of a true friend. Prof. Singgih was instrumental in the development of the Tarumanagara University’s Faculty of Psychology, Royal Taruma Hospital, Tarumanagara Knowledge Centre and the Tarumanagara Fitness Center.

The psychology professor was born in Sokaraja Banyumas on August 21, 1934. He had dedicated himself to the Tarumanagara Foundation since 1979 by becoming a member of its governing body. The positions of which he brought great honor were: Deputy Chairperson III of the Governing Body of YT (1980-1983), Deputy Chairperson II of the Governing Body of YT (1984-1987, 1988-1992), Deputy Chairperson of the YT Governing Body (1993-2001), Chairperson of the YT Governing Body (2001-2007); Deputy Chairperson of Trustees YT (2007-2009); Chairperson of YT Trustees (2009-2011).

The release ceremony of Prof. Singgih was held on Friday, January 9, 2015, around 10:00 AM from the lobby of the Tarumanagara Foundation’s main building. He was then laid to rest in Petamburan Cemetery, Central Jakarta. Thank you Prof. Singgih, for all you have accomplished for Tarumanagara Foundation and Tarumanagara University. Rest in peace.

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