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The Tarumanagara Knowledge Center (TKC) is a non-profit institution. It supports academic activities which alter the view of the general library paradigm. TKC was established on December 11, 2007, from the patronage of the Tarumanagara Foundation. The center was established as a means of support to the academic activities of Tarumanagara University in particular and also to serve the general public.

The substance of the formation of TKC is the initiative of the Tarumanagara Foundation. The Foundation realized the need to have learning resources that can be enjoyed both by the Tarumanagara academic community and the general public. This source of learning is made possible by the positive vision of the Tarumanagara Foundation within the context of Tarumanagara University and the general public.

Facilities owned by TKC include:

Seminar Room
Audio Visual Room
Discussion Room
Tarumanagara Gallery
Cinema Room I / Cinema Room II
Service Hours TKC: 08:30-16:00

Tarumanagara Knowledge Center (TKC)

Campus I Main Building Fl. 6-8

Telephone (021) 5695 8760