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Tarumanagara Fitness Center

The Tarumanagara Fitness Center is one of the assets of the UNTAR Sports Hall (GOR). The Sports Hall is located on the 8th floor of the parking building. It is adjacent to UNTAR’s main building. The Hall can be accessed through from the main building by using the main building’s elevator to the 7th floor, walking through TKC Tarumanagara Knowledge Center) then crossing the pedestrian bridge.

The Tarumanagara Fitness Center consultant is Jeffry who is available two times a week. The center is managed by Fuad Haris who is available Monday thru Friday from 11 AM until 7 PM. The hours of the gym are 8 AM until 7 PM. The sports court area is open from 8 AM until 8 PM The total number of personnel on hand is 7 people.

The upper floor sports a comprehensive collection of weight machines and free weights. There are many machines to help exercisers adapt to their fitness needs. There is a mirrored aerobics room offering aerobics, Yoga, body combat and Zoomba currently. Moving across the floor to another section provides a punching bag for training. From there is a step-down transition to a large room with a fantastic view of the city. This room houses several treadmills, exercise bicycles and elliptical machines facing out onto the cityscape. Also available at the center are dressing rooms, toilets and saunas.

Tarumanagara Fitness Center offers an array of body sculpting opportunities but it also offers a huge sports court. The court has a full-sized basketball court, volleyball court, badminton section, indoor tennis court and has plenty of space for martial arts, judo and fencing. Since it was founded, Tarumanagara Fitness has held several fitness competitions (UNTAR Fitness Award): UNTAR Fitness Award I (2008); II (2009), III (2009), IV (2011) and V (2014).

There are around 350 actively enrolled members at Tarumanagara Fitness Center every month. The facilities remain open throughout the holiday season for employees and students who live in Jakarta. The gym can handle approximately 50 people working out at the same time.

The sports building was established by the Tarumanagara Foundation and opened on August 7, 2007. Please contact the front desk for membership specifics.


Campus I Tarumanagara University, Gedung P 8th Floor

Tel. (021) 5695 8755