Talk Show for the Film “Night Bus”

Talk Show for the Film “Night Bus”

Tarumanagara Knowledge Center hosted a workshop by Night Bus Pictures with the theme “Creativepreneur: How to Develop Idea into a Real Project.” The event involved a collaboration between the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the Faculty of Art and Design and the Faculty of Information Technology. The event brought in 600 attendees and took place on Friday, March  17,  2017, at the third-floor auditorium of UNTAR’s main building. Most attendees were UNTAR students. The event was also attended by the chancellor, deputy chancellors, deans, lecturers, employees and other invitees.

Appearing as speakers were: film producers Darius Sinathyra and Teuku Rifnu Wikana and senior actor Tio Pakusudewo.  Other speakers included director Emil Heradi and visual effect supervisor Amrin Nugraha.  The event was moderated by Ita Sembiring.

The moderator provided the opportunity for the speakers to share their experiences with visitors. The questions were focused towards any film produced by Night Bus Pictures but primarily the film “Night Bus.”  The speakers were involved in making the Night Bus Pictures Production House, young creative groups and young Indonesian filmmakers. It was interesting to see how a group of young people tried to process creative ideas into business and business opportunities.

The welcoming speech was delivered by the UNTAR Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Agustinas Purna Irawan  ST, MT.  Before the opening of the question and answer event, the audience was treated to several films including “Night Bus.”  Comments on the film were delivered from Sinathrya, Teuku Rifnu Wikana and Amrin Nugraha.  A resource person also explained the ins and outs of film making and the various challenges.  The “Night Bus,” film stars Lukman Sardi, Darius Sinathrya, Prinantina Hana, Raphael Ketsia, Toro Margens, Alex Abbad, Donny Alamsyah and Edward Akbar.

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