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Our program offers a focus on both natural and synthetic medicines.  We also have disciplines in cosmetics and food.  Through learning the basics of medical technologies and cosmetics, students gain competency skills in manufacturing, analyzing, monitoring and evaluating medicines in patients and consumers.

The S1 Nursing Study Program at STIKes Tarumanagara prepares students for a career in nursing.  By attending STIKes, one can pursue a human-centered field of work in an ever growing industry.  Our training is comprehensive because we understand nursing requires awareness of the biological, psycho-social, spiritual and cultural needs of the patients.

STIKes offers health information technology. Students learn how to process data and records in the medical field.  The skills necessary for medical data collection, management and processing are taught through the program.  Students are trained in coding systems, indexing and report analysis relating to a patient’s medical records and history.