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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Born May 11, 1904-Died January 23, 1989

He was born in Figueres, Spain, to his parents Salvador Dali Cusi and Felipa Domenech Ferres. He had a younger sister named Ana Maria and an older brother who had died nine months before his birth. The parents named both male children Salvador. Dali said his parents told him he was a reincarnation of his dead brother when he was five years old, and he always felt the ghost of his brother. He also suffered greatly from the passing of his mother when he was sixteen.

Portrait of My Dead Brother 1963

Dali had always shown artistic talent. His mother always supported him and, eventually, his father did as well. In 1916 he discovered modern painting on a family vacation by introduction via Raymond Pichot. His father hosted his first public exhibition in 1918. He eventually began studying in 1922 at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, located in Madrid. He established lifelong friendships while attending this school.

In 1929, Dali met his future wife and lifelong inspiration, Gala. She was ten years his senior and previously married. His father was not supportive of the relationship with Gala or the Surrealist movement. In time, his father came to accept Gala as his son’s partner. Dali and Gala remained together until her death.

The Persistence of Memory 1931

Salvador Dali continued to paint, sculpt and utilize cinema in his art for the whole of his life. He remained married to his wife Gala until her death in 1982 when she was 87. He never quite recovered from the loss of his friend and partner. Dali died on January 23, 1989, at the age of 84. His legacy lives on as being one of the original Surrealists and remaining true to its form throughout his life. The Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, possesses the largest collections of Dali works. New building construction, in recent years, reflected in his surrealist mindset. It is a must-see when visiting the area.

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