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Royal Taruma Hospital

The idea of the Tarumanagara Foundation establishing a hospital emerged from a Board of Trustees meeting on April 13, 1993. On March 24, 2005, a Hospital Development Committee was formed. On March 29, 2007, fourteen years after the birth of the idea, the Royal Taruma Hospital was officially established.

The Philosophy Behind the Name ROYAL TARUMA

There were many names proposed before arriving at ROYAL TARUMA. Some of these names considered were PULIH, Aurora Medika and Tarumedik. Finally, the name ROYAL TARUMA was chosen because it reflected the philosophy the Foundation wished to put forward. A philosophy of friendliness, objectivity, confidence, anticipatory, honesty, accuracy, cleanliness, superior quality of service and reliability.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Royal Taruma Hospital is one of a hospital that is prominent and respected nationally and internationally in all aspects of professional education.

The Mission of Royal Taruma Hospital is to provide the best health services to all levels of society and provide quality education or training for qualified professionals according to medical science. It is also part of the mission to increase the number of facilities and solidify the infrastructure to ensure better services to the community. Through these mission goals, the hospital will improve management capabilities, attitudes and behavior for better services while cooperating with partners at home and abroad.

Royal Taruma Hospital Building

The land area of ​​Royal Taruma Hospital is 9,482 M². The RS building that was built consisted of 8 floors with an area of ​​20,048 m². The total building area is 33,767 m².

The parking building consists of 6 floors with an area of ​​18,776 m² and a capacity of 400 cars. The total area of ​​the hospital building and parking building is 38,824 m².

Services and Facilities

This type B hospital provides various health services of both outpatient and inpatient. The emergency room is ready to serve patients for 24 hours. With the support of quality and up-to-date human resources, it is expected that Royal Taruma Hospital can meet the expectations and health care needs of the people of West Jakarta and its surroundings.

In support of 24-hour hospital services, Royal Taruma Hospital complements a variety of facilities. Taruma Hospital provides 302 beds divided into differing sections: Super VIP Room, VIP Room, Class 1 Room (2 beds), Class 2 (4 beds) and Class 3 (6 beds). There are also Special Care Rooms for Intensive Care Units (ICU), Intensive Cardiac Care Units (ICCU), Intermediate Care (IMC), Neonatal Intensive (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) and One Day Care (ODC), Perinatology and Isolation. The medical support facilities are the laboratory, pathologic anatomy, X-Ray, CGT-Scan 64 Slices, 1.5 MRI tesla, panoramic, mammography, 4-dimensional ultrasound, endoscopy, EKG, treadmill, bronchoscopy, audiometry, hemodialysis, pharmacy and physiotherapy.

Medical services include medical checkups, general practitioners, dentists and specialists. Specialist and sub-specialist services consist of pediatricians, surgeons, neurosurgeons, obstetrics and gynecologists, internal medicine, lung, heart and blood vessels, kidney, hypertension, andrology, rheumatology, psychiatry, skin and sex, ENT, clinical nutrition, acupuncture and eye specialists. Then a specialist in psychology, medical rehabilitation, radiology, anesthesia, clinical pathology and anatomical pathology specialists.


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