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History of the Establishment of the Tarumanagara Foundation

Tarumanagara Foundation is a legal entity established on June 18, 1959, by a group of ethnic Chinese community leaders in Jakarta.  This group was also active in the Candra Naya Social Association (d / h / Sin Ming Hui).  The goal was to establish and manage a college through a foundation.  The establishment of the Foundation was notarized by the Notary Deed Eliza Pondaag No. 54 on September 11, 1959, and was signed by 16 people and legal entity.  The name of Tarumanagara was proposed by Moh and is said to eliminate the impression of exclusivity.  The name was taken from the oldest major kingdom in West Java.

The Faculty of Economics was officially opened on October 15, 1959, at the Sin Ming Hui Building located at Jalan Gajah Mada no. 188, Jakarta.  By October 1, 1962, the Tarumanagara Faculty of Economics became Tarumanagara University with four faculties.  The four faculties were the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Literature with an English Department and a Faculty of Engineering with an Architecture Department.  The Faculty of Literature failed to develop.  However, the Faculty of Medicine October 1, 1965, soon filled the gap created by the absence of the Faculty of Literature.

Founders of Tarumanagara Foundation:

  1. Kwee Hwat Djien (Drs. H.K. Santoso)
  2. Auw Jong Peng Koen (P.K. Ojong, S.H.)
  3. Oey Kwie Tek (Drs. Hendra Darmawan)
  4. Lim Toan Lok (Johannes Soewandi)
  5. Khoe Woen Sioe
  6. Drs. Go Tie Siem
  7. Liem Tjien Kiat (dr. Eddy Linus Waworuntu)
  8. Lo Kiem Tjing
  9. Lim Tjoeng Sen (dr. Lutiarso Senoadji, M.M.)
  10. Thjio Jan Seng (Drs. Hadi Suryanto)
  11. Supangat Prawirokoesoemo
  12. Lim Tjong Tong
  13. Oei Kim Sen
  14. Go King Liong
  15. Tjioe Bok San
  16. Gan Hok Ling (Ganis Suryahudaya, S.H.)
  17. Badan Hukum Sin Ming Hui. (Candra Naya)

Chairman of Tarumanagara Foundation I-VIII