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Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

Born November 24, 1864-Died September 9, 1901

He was born of an aristocratic family in southern France. He had a younger brother who died a year after his birth. This caused a rift between his parents, who soon separated. At the age of eight, Henri moved to Paris to live with his mother. In Paris, people began to recognize his talent for drawing and painting. He began casual instruction from a family friend and eventually studied under a famous portrait painter named Leon Bonnat.

One of Henri’s pronounced traits was his height of 1.42 meters. His mother was concerned with his delayed development. As an early teen, he broke one leg and then broke the other. Neither leg healed properly and may have led to his short stature. The rest of his body developed normally, but his legs remained short, leading to his short stature.

La Goulue Entering the Moulin Rouge

Toulouse Lautrec was a popular artist in Paris at the time. He began showing his works in 1885 and rose in popularity from that time. He became interested in the girls in the brothels and their lives. They became the subjects of many of his paintings. In 1889, he was commissioned by the Moulin Rouge to make a series of posters.

Eventually, his lifestyle of alcoholism, coupled with syphilis, landed him in a treatment center. While he was in the treatment center for three months, he drew 39 circus portraits. Upon his release from the treatment center, he returned to Paris and then toured the French county side. His health continued to decline until he finally passed at his mother’s estate on September 9th, 1901.

At the Moulin Rouge

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