An Investing Caveat and the Beginning of a Series

An Investing Caveat and the Beginning of a Series

Hello readers. Throughout these series of current and future postings, I will begin to elaborate on the concepts and facts of currency, cryptocurrency, the central bank, commercial banks, centralized and decentralized currency concepts. I will also explore the history of cryptocurrency, markets & exchanges for cryptocurrencies and major cryptocurrencies. I will also address concepts related to currency and investments as they arise.

However, before going any further, a caveat must be acknowledged. I will not tell the reader what to do with their money. In no way, shape or form is Tarumangara Foundation endorsing an investment procedure or opportunity. I write articles and research on behalf of the website. I am employed by the Yayasan but I do not make financial decisions for them nor do I advise them in financial ventures. What I write is a source of research and not advice for your investment portfolio. No responsibility will be acknowledged or shouldered by the Yayasan or myself for poor decisions made by the reader. I will always be honest and truthful in my research.  

With this being said remember the idiom, “One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.” Basically, this idiom states a person is better off with what they actually possess than what they think they COULD possess. Investing is a gamble. It may be more complex than card games, a roll of the dice, pulling the arm of a slot machine or even buying a lottery ticket, but it is still gambling. Whether the reader invests in stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies or bonds, there is always a chance the investor could lose their investment.

Be sure to visit the website for current perspectives and understandings of investing. I will research objectively and inform the reader in a coherent and understandable fashion. When unfamiliar vocabulary arises, I will define it. I will translate concepts into layman terms or in ways we can all understand. My goal is for a well-informed understanding of the facts. So please, follow me down the rabbit hole of investment.

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