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An Indonesian Mystery

The Ahool is a cryptid that hunts for large fish. The sound it makes while hunting is where its name comes from. This Indonesian cryptid comes from the rain forests of South West Java. Because of the expanding population of the island, the caves in which the Ahool calls home are becoming more scarce. Indigenous eyewitnesses confirm the Ahool has a 3 to 4-meter wingspan and a meter tall body. The creature is covered in gray fur and has large flat forearms supporting its enormous wings, and its face is said to be primate with human features. Its feet also point backward. Some researchers say the Ahool is a large, nocturnal bat.

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There is no physical evidence of the existence of the Ahool and only a single eyewitness. In 1925, Dr. Ernest Bartels claimed to have seen one fly directly over his head as he explored a waterfall of the Salak Mountain, just South West of Bogor. No reports of the Ahool surfaced until two years later when Dr. Bartels again heard the call of the Ahool. He chased after the sound but was only able to hear a fading “Ahoooool” from afar.


Three functioning theories attempt to identify the Ahool. First is a belief that the Ahool may be a Pterosaur, which has survived since the age of the last dinosaur extinction. The size and some of the features would lend to that theory, but the facial features do not. A second theory is the Ahool is a giant unclassified bat. The singular eye witness account would suggest this theory is more appropriate considering the features of the head and face. A final and less believable theory is the Ahool is a flying primate. The only image that conjures up for me is one of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. This final theory seems to be the least plausible of the three.

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Cryptozoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson, believes the Ahool is a giant bat. Sanderson took an interest in the Ahool because he experienced a similar creature in the mountains of Cameroon, West Africa. Kongamato is the name of this African creature. Other cryptologists make the assumption that the creature is a Pterosaur. A Pterosaur is a flying dinosaur thought to be extinct long ago.

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